Welcome to ApprenticeConnect, a platform developed by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) to help construction and manufacturing businesses build skilled, diverse, and resilient workforces. Recognizing that the foundation of any thriving industry lies in its workforce, this comprehensive platform makes it easy to access the information you need to expand and nurture your team.

ApprenticeConnect simplifies the apprenticeship journey, offering a wealth of tailored resources, practical tips, and industry-specific best practices. It serves as a tool for employers to access vital information on funding opportunities, adhere to government standards, and create a positive and supportive work environment to reduce injuries, burnout, and turnover.

More than a platform for navigating apprenticeships, ApprenticeConnect is dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It offers resources to support the recruitment and development of workers from traditionally underrepresented groups in the skilled trades. We aim to ensure businesses have the necessary tools to not only hire but also retain and elevate a diverse workforce. 

The platform was the result of a collaboration between CICan and seven colleges and institutes: Assiniboine Community College, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Fanshawe College, Georgian College, Loyalist College, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and Thompson Rivers University. These institutions shared their expertise to ensure the content aligns with the specific needs of employers and apprentices, providing confidence and clarity, particularly for those new to apprenticeship programs.

ApprenticeConnect was developed within the context of CICan’s Career Launcher Apprenticeships program, funded by the Government of Canada, which offers manufacturing and construction businesses up to $20,000 to hire new apprentices.

Career Launcher Apprenticeships

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