Mental Health and Wellness

College or Institute

College or Institute: Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT)
Program: Mental Health and Wellness
Campus: Saskatoon
Online No
229 4th Ave S.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 4K3

VAC Office

Office Location Saskatoon
101-22nd Street East, 5th Floor
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 0E1


Four work placements total to be completed over the course of the two year program, one work placement per semester. Full time hours for placements. Year one placements are four weeks per semester (8 weeks total). Year two placements are 6 weeks per semester (12 weeks total).


Year one: Two placements completed in 4-week blocks. First placement to be completed November-December, second placement to be completed April-May. Year two: placements completed in 6-week blocks. First placement runs from November-December, second runs from April- May

Important Information

Strong preference for placements to be completed with a different agency each semester, however, students can complete multiple placements with the same agency if the placements are in different departments. Students graduate immediately following the final placement. Some students already have bachelor degrees. Placements can be completed anywhere in Canada.