Your Work Placement

This is your central hub to ensure your work placement is a success. Read the online guide for VAC field agents and access tools and templates to use in each step of your placement.

Your Placement in 5 Steps:

Getting Started

Use the checklist to plan a targeted onboarding process that will help students adjust to their new roles, perform their tasks effectively, and get the most out of their work placement.

Understanding Your Role

Work-integrated learning experiences are relationships between an educational institution, an employer, and a student. For these experiences to be successful, each party must understand their roles and responsibilities.

Setting Goals

Goal setting is a great way to keep up with a work plan. Goals are great motivators and achieving a goal you set for yourself helps to build self-confidence.

Reflecting on the Experience

Access questions designed to help the student reflect and learn from their work experience, to gain insight into their strengths in the workforce and to prepare for their next opportunity.

Evaluating Performance

Download the VAC-WIL Student Evaluation Form designed to be used by both students and employers to evaluate performance and work done during the placement.  

This online guide was developed by Colleges and Institutes Canada through the Supporting Those Who Serve program.

Supporting Those Who Serve links colleges and institutes with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) field offices to design shared curriculum, tools, and work-integrated learning opportunities in fields like social work, nursing, and medicine.

Supporting Those Who Serve is funded by Veterans Affairs Canada.