Step 4: Reflecting on the Experience

The following questions are designed to help the student reflect and learn from their work experience, to gain insight into their strengths in the workforce and to prepare for their next opportunity.

Student Reflection Guide

  • Describe your work experience in a short paragraph. Provide an overview of your responsibilities, work environment and daily tasks.
  • What aspects of your work have you enjoyed the most? Which tasks do you find the most rewarding or energizing?
  • What aspect of the work is the most challenging or frustrating to you? What will you plan to do between now and the end of the placement to address this challenge?
  • What professional skills are you developing during your placement?
  • Reflecting on your work so far, what are you most proud of?
  • Overall, what do you need to improve on for your next professional experience?
  • What would you do differently in your next professional experience?
  • What personal qualities have you observed that make someone successful in this position?
  • Overall, describe what you have learned about yourself through this work experience.
  • What will you do between now and the end of the work placement to prepare for your next opportunity?

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