Step 1: Getting Started

Use the following checklist to plan a targeted onboarding process that will help students adjust to their new roles, perform their tasks effectively, and get the most out of their work placement.

Your Student Onboarding Checklist

The Veteran Service Team Manager should build a student profile including:

  • A copy of the student’s resume
  • List of references
  • Letter of offer of employment
  • Copy of employment contract signed by both parties
  • Student timesheet
  • Student workplan
  • Emergency contact information
  • Employee computer or laptop

The Veteran Service Team Manager will send a welcome email to the student including:

  • Exact start date
  • Location of the office (or specify if work is completed virtually)
  • If virtual, indicate where to pick up their work laptop
  • Time of arrival and typical work hours
  • Office dress code
  • Documentation they need to bring with them (like their ID)
  • Their first-day schedule (for example, trainings, meetings with managers)

The Veteran Service Team Manager will prepare the student workspace:

  • Complete preparing the computer or laptop with the necessary software.
  • Set up student email and software accounts.
  • Schedule an appointment to get their security pass (with photo).

The Veteran Service Team Manager will:

  • Announce the new student’s arrival to the staff in an email and provide information about them and describe what they will be doing during their work placement.
  • Meet with the student to welcome them to the organization and review internal policies and finalize any outstanding paperwork.
  • Give an overview of the company, including vision, mission and structure. Clarify the reporting structure.
  • Explain the VAC WIL Program & Sign the Employer-Student Letter of Agreement.
  • Encourage students to follow VAC on related social media.
  • Give the students a tour of the office and show them their workspace and ensure they have the tools they need to complete their work.
  • Present the various departments and explain their functions as they relate to the work placement.
  • Show them their supervisor’s office.
  • Show them any other important spaces (for example lunchroom, copiers and printers, washrooms).

The Veteran Service Team Manager will:

  • Discuss the job in detail, roles and responsibilities and anticipated workflow.
  • Review expectations with the student.
  • Create a workplan with the student.
  • Answer any questions and address any concerns the student might have.
  • Begin scheduling training and mentoring.
  • Begin first assignments as determined in the workplan, with clear goals for the first month.
  • Introduce the student to co-workers and team.

The Veteran Service Team Manager will:

  • Check in with the student often during the first few weeks.
  • Ensure there is no additional paperwork or equipment issues.
  • Ask for student feedback and respond to concerns.
  • Continue necessary training and weekly mentoring sessions.
  • Update the workplan making sure to gradually increase the work challenge level.
  • Evaluate the student’s work as it is being completed.
  • Give detailed feedback.

Download the checklist