Travail social

College or Institute

College or Institute: Cégep de Jonquière
Program: Travail social
Campus: Jonquière 
Online No
2505 Rue Saint-Hubert
Jonquière , Quebec
G7X 7W2

VAC Office

Office Location Saguenay
100 Lafontaine Street
Chicoutimi, Quebec
G7H 6X2


Two placements in the fourth and fifth semesters of the program. First placement is two days per week in the fall semester of second year (fourth semester). Second placement is in the fifth semester, 13 weeks, full time 5 days per week.


First placement is completed in the second year of program, winter semester (fourth semester of program). Second placement is completed in the third year of program (fifth semester, fall) over 13 weeks

Important Information

Students do not graduate immediately following the final placement, they have one more semester to complete (6th semester, 3rd year). No summer placements.